Postcard Series : This is the house that man built. [Circa 1909]

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Postcard Series : This is the house that man built. [Circa 1909]


Part of a series of six anti-suffrage postcards, labeled Series No. E. 19, based on the children's rhyme, "This is the house that Jack built." All of the cards, with the exception of this one, refer to the British Houses of Parliament. This card refers to Holloway Jail, where British suffragettes were imprisoned.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mr. H. G. Prossen Mulgram Terrace 54 Chilton Street Bridgwater, and postmarked [1915?] The message reads: "Dear Harold / Just a few line to say that I hoping to come home on Saturday hoping to find you allright from Will"


[Circa 1910]


Holloway Jail, London
Nursery rhymes
Women's Social and Political Union


London : B.B. London


And this is the home of the poor Suffragette,
And there's room for a great many more in it yet;
When they racket and riot
And will not keep quiet,
We place them on plank beds and very low diet;
To stop all their din
We just run them in,
Into this house that man built.

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