Postcard Series : This is the house that man built. [Circa 1909]

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Postcard Series : This is the house that man built. [Circa 1909]


Part of a series of six anti-suffrage postcards, labeled Series No. E. 19, based on the children's rhyme, "This is the house that Jack built." All but one of the cards refers to the British Houses of Parliament.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Master G. Reu 50 Southgate St. Chapel House Gloucester, and postmarked July 2, 1909. The handwritten message reads: "Jim don't having a suffragette for a wife or you coming up to go to white city this summer when you get [illegible] holidays with love Annie"


[Circa 1910]


Great Britain.--Parliament--1900-1910
Government facilities--British--England--London
Nursery rhymes


London : B.B. London


And this is the policeman all tattered and torn.
Who wished women voters had never been born,
Who nevertheless
Tho it caused him distress
Ran them all in,
In spite of their dress:
The poor Suffragette
Who wanted to get
Into the house that man built.

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