Set of suffrage poems and "Votes for Women" envelopes. [Circa 1909-1910]

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Set of suffrage poems and "Votes for Women" envelopes. [Circa 1909-1910]


Set of seven cards with accompanying envelopes. Each white card contains a 4-verse poem about militant suffrage. The poems are anti-suffrage The white envelopes each contain an illustration of a yellow and black "Votes for Women" flag in the upper left corner.


[Circa 1909-1910


California Equal Suffrage Association
United States--California


The suffragettes planned a parade
Now face the truth, one can't evade
Police afforded no protection
And suffered a severe correction.

I know a quiet little maid
Who took a queer disguise,
Now everything this maiden does
She's sure to advertise.

A militant suffragette
May just have hurled a bomb,
But you would never guess it,
For she's so awfully calm.

A suffragette fell on her knees,
Implored me, begged me and then teased.
To "Vote for women," was her cry,
She plagued me till I thought I'd die.

The suffragettes say, "Join the ranks,"
But I think they are awful cranks,
I do not care to blow up stores,
Nor batter down my neighbor's doors.

The suffragette's the latest fad,
That it is so I'm truly glad,
For one can do most anything--
Publicity it's sure to bring.

I met a little suffragette
Who would not budge a bit,
For she was on a hunger strike
And vowed she would not quit.

Physical Dimensions

9 x 14 cm.