The Sun and the New York Herald. (New York, N.Y.) August 18, 1920

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The Sun and the New York Herald. (New York, N.Y.) August 18, 1920


This issue includes the articles:
"Suffs Set back in Two States/ North Carolina Senate Votes to Defer Matter until Session of 1921/ Tennessee is Wavering/Adjournment of Lower House Prevents Final Action and Antis Claim Victory"

This article refers to actions taken by the state legislatures on August 17, 1920. In North Carolina, the state legislature voted to defer consideration of the federal suffrage amendment until the General Assembly met in regular session in 1921. According to the article, anti-suffrage forces planned to bring the matter up under special order the following morning to get rid of it quickly. The article quotes Representative Neal, anti-suffrage floor leader, as saying "Call it up and kill it right."

In Tennessee, the lower House of the Tennessee legislature adjourned after three hours of debate with a final vote expected the following day. The article discusses the number of votes required to pass the amendment.

"Suffragists' Sole Hopes Resting on Tennessee"
Very short article about Tennessee being the determining factor in whether women would vote in the November 1920 election. 35 states ratified but efforts to persuade the Governors of Vermont and Connecticut to call special sessions failed, and Florida was not expected to take any favorable action.

Additional article: "Cox is Ready to Go to Tenn., Say Suffs/ Only Awaits Democratic Bid from Nashville"
The article discusses National Woman's Party efforts to get Democratic Presidential nominee Governor Cox, of Ohio, to go to Nashville and exert his influence on the Tennessee Legislature to ratify the amendment. Suffragists did not think Governor Cox would do so unless Tennessee Democratic leaders extended him an invitation.




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Cox, James M. (James Middleton), 1870-1957
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