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POST-1908-07 Votes for Women Cat.jpg
Black and white photograph postcard of a cat wearing a straw hat holding up a sign with the slogan "Votes for Women."

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POST-1908-06 I want my vote.jpg
Photograph postcard of a suffragette represented as a vicious looking cat shrieking "I want my Vote." The background colors are purple, white, and green, which were representative of the Women's Social and Political Union.

On the verso, the card…

POST-1905-05 Down with Tom Cats.jpg
Illustration of an angry cat holding a placard with the slogan "Vote for shes."

On the verso, the card is addressed to Miss L.H. Stiles Wickerford House Wickerford Worcester, and postmarked September 10, 1911.

POST-1910-47 An Advocate for Womens Rights.jpg
Part of the "Orthochrome" Series of cards by photographers Andrew and George Taylor, this card features a picture of a cat wearing a hat and a shawl in the purple, white, and green colors of the Women's Social and Political Union. The cat has its paw…
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