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POST-1912-10 Not much am.jpg
A colored photo postcard featuring two men standing on a street corner outside a shop talking, beside a mannish suffragette holding a "Votes for women" placard.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Miss Emma [?] 911 16th St. Detroit, Michigan,…

POST-1905-08 Wear the Trousers.jpg
Postcard, marked Series No. 1839, depicts a woman wearing harem pants, standing on a platform in a park addressing a crowd of men.

POST-1909-59 Figure of Speech.jpg
This postcard is part of series entitled "Haremette." Color illustration of a masculine looking woman wearing harem pants, making an address. The table she is leaning on has the sign "The division in the womens movement." A man is seated behind her,…

POST-1905-04 Votes for Sheep.jpg
Part of a series of postcards labeled "Valentine's Series." This satirical card contains a color illustration of a little girl, "Little Bo Peep," wearing a large hat. She is holding a shepherd's crook in one hand and a newspaper in the other. the…

POST-1910-53 In the dim future.jpg
Postcard designed by Gladys Letcher of the Suffrage Atelier, contains an illustration of Prime Minister Asquith delaying the vote for woman's suffrage.

The Suffrage Atelier was a publishing collective founded in 1909 to produce items for the…

POST-1911-02-1 Russian Suffrage Postcard front.jpg
Russian postcard with a color illustration of a shabbily dressed woman walking with one hand in her pocket and the other holding a cigarette.

POST-1908-03 Swell on the Beach.jpg
Part of a series of postcards, labeled No. 2026. This card features a cartoon illustration of two scantily dressed women seated on a beach as a large man, smoking a cigarette and holding a cane, walks by them.

On the verso, the card is addressed…

POST-1908-04 Getting into Deep Water.jpg
Part of a series of postcards, labeled No. 2020. This card features a cartoon illustration of a scantily dressed woman standing in the ocean with her eyes closed and her finger up to her mouth. Beside her, a man is seated in the water holding his arm…

POST-1910-33 Oh you suffragette.jpg
Illustration of a pair of pants with suspenders. Below the illustration is a poem mocking women for not wanting the vote, but their desire to wear pants.

POST-1908-02 Pants.jpg
Illustration of a woman holding a pair of pants in front of her. The pants contain a satirical statement on the importance of pants to men and to women.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mr. John P. Ward Glasgow Illinois, and postmarked…