Postcard : Lady Constance Lytton. [1909]

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Postcard : Lady Constance Lytton. [1909]


Postcard with photographic portrait of Lady Constance Lytton, Women's Social and Political Union, with the organization's address.

Constance Lytton joined the WSPU in 1908. She served four prison sentences. Born into an aristocratic family, Lytton was dismayed at the special treatment she received from the authorities owing to her family connections. When arrested in Liverpool while disguised as a working class woman 'Jane Warton', she was sentenced to hard labour and forcibly fed when going on hunger strike. This exposed the worse treatment to which working class prisoners were subject. Lytton later suffered a stroke owing to her prison experiences. (Museum of London)




Lytton, Lady Constance, 1869-1923
Women's Social and Political Union (Great Britain)


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