Postcard Series : This is the house that man built. [Circa 1909]

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Postcard Series : This is the house that man built. [Circa 1909]


Part of a series of six anti-suffrage postcards based on the children's rhyme, "This is the house that Jack built." All but one of the cards refers to the British Houses of Parliament.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mr. Whiting Hornsea Burton Hornsea. The postmark is too faded to read. The handwritten message reads: "Dear Mr. Whiting, / With reference to our call on you on Whit- Monday, we cannot tell you to a week when we shall come; but some of us will probably come last week in July, and are agreeable to pay per head per week as you suggested. / A.V. Officer"


[Circa 1910]


Great Britain.--Parliament--1900-1910
Government facilities--British--England--London
Nursery rhymes


London : B.B. London


The house that our Statesmen for years have controlled
Ruling the world with mind fearless and bold;
Can Woman expect to rule such a House.
She that's afraid of a poor little mouse;
No! No! Suffragette
your place is not yet,
Inside the house that man built.

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9 x 14 cm.