Postcard : Woman's suffrage stove polish. [Circa 1880-1890]

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Postcard : Woman's suffrage stove polish. [Circa 1880-1890]


Trade card advertisement for "Woman's Suffrage Stove Polish." The illustration on the recto is a color lithograph of a well-dressed young woman seated with her arms crossed on the arm of a sofa.

The verso contains the advertisement with its "Twelve Good Reasons why the Woman's Suffrage Stove Polish is preferred to all others." The title is a play on the common suffrage broadside, "Twelve Reasons Why Women Want the Vote."


[Circa 1880-1890]


Advertising cards
Cleaning--Equipment and supplies
Consumer goods
Household supplies


Taunton, Mass. : Phoenix Manufacturing Company

Original Format

Trade cards (advertising)

Physical Dimensions

9 x 14 cm.

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