Postcard : Taking it out on hubby. [Circa 1908]

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Postcard : Taking it out on hubby. [Circa 1908]


Color illustration of a woman holding an umbrella, leaning over to her husband and knocking over a lamp to yell at him: "I tell you we will have votes you big massive brute." Her husband hides behind a newspaper entitled "The Woman At Home", and responds "Yes Yes! 2 Yesses & A Yes!"

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mrs. Loeh Russell Street Wilton North Salisbury Wiltshire, and postmarked April 23, 1908. The message reads: "Dear Auntie, Thank you very much for your kind letter. We will write you a long letter next week and will send you some more primroses. Will send back Uncle's letter soon & try to get a nice [T.L.] Give my love to Willie. I hope he will be happy with Alfie. With love from Elsie."


Gender role
Husband and wife
Social role
Wiltshire (England)

Original Format


Physical Dimensions

9 x 14 cm.