Postcard : The suffragette Studentess. I wanter be a man!!!

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Postcard : The suffragette Studentess. I wanter be a man!!!


This card, Number 4007, is part of a sixteen-card series, featuring attractive women attempting to act as men. In this illustration, a woman has her feet up on a table, leaning back in a chair and smoking a pipe. She is blowing smoke rings in the shape of diamond rings. There are two flags hanging on the wall with the words "Princesston" and "Yell."

On the verso, the card is address to Mrs. G.M. [Williams?] 424 Park Street Pueblo, Colorado.
The message reads:
"Dear Auntie. Got your card yesterday. I was going to send this card to Fredie and then I thought of you, wanting to get [yours?]. Will you try this. Is the foalk still there yet? Is [Dave's?] card addressed right there? So I will half to close school starts at 12. If you hurry I will get my ribbon four writing. Send some more cards. [Kenneys?] one will do. M.P.

Written along the bottom of the front: "I miss you."




Gender roles
United States--Colorado--Pueblo


Wellman, Walter

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Physical Dimensions

9 x 14 cm.

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