Postcard : The suffragette. Generalesss of the army. 1909

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Postcard : The suffragette. Generalesss of the army. 1909


This card, Number 4015, is part of a sixteen-card series, featuring attractive women attempting to act as men. In this illustration, the woman appears in an evening gown as the "Generaless of the Army" with the message: "If you were the enemy, would you fall for this?"

On the verso, the card is addressed to Miss Jennie Lawson Patent Office Washington, D.C., and postmarked August 4, 1909. The message reads: "On the other side you will see what we are coming to but she is not the first woman leaving a commanding appearance-ask Her[??] Henpeck.

Handwritten on the front: "When are you coming to N.Y. again? Don't treat me as shortty next time."




Gender roles
Military officers
United States. Army
United States -- District of Columbia


Wellman, Walter

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9 x 14 cm.