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James T. Gardiner, surveyor and engineer, provides his observations regarding the negative impact of women's suffrage in Leavenworth, Kansas. Kansas women were granted the right to vote in school district elections in 1861 and municipal elections in…

Reprint of an essay written by historian and writer, Francis Parkman, originally published in 1884. Parkman offers reasons why women should not be permitted to vote, including health risks to women, the danger to popular government, and the idea that…

Opinions and quotes opposed to woman suffrage by philosopher, Herbert Spencer, Bishop John Heyl Vincent, the co-founder of the Chautauqua Institution; and Quaker and statesman, John Bright.

Article written by author identified only as "F.R.S." The author discusses the idea that women are indifferent to voting because of the expanded employment opportunities open to them and the fact that homemakers do not desire the vote.

Article written published by the Committee on Protest against Woman Suffrage of the Women's Anti-Suffrage Association of the Third Judicial District of the State of New York, argues that women will not necessarily be better off if they are granted…

Reprint of an article that appeared in the Buffalo (New York) Express, written by an author only identified as "A.S.W." The author refers to a woman opposed to suffrage as "the silent woman" because of her preference to stay out of the public arena.…
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