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Full color circular highlights the countries where women have the right to vote and asks the question, "Why do not all women vote under the flag of democracy?"

PERI-1913-11 Charlotte Tribune Suffrage Notes.jpg
Column, entitled "Suffrage Notes." The author describes a talk given by Herbert Miller, Professor of Sociology at Olivet College, in support of votes for women.

POST-1913-02 Leet Brothers Suffrage Parade Series.jpg
Photographic postcard of the suffrage parade held in Washington, D.C. the day before President Woodrow Wilson's inauguration.

Reproduces a photograph of a group of women, dressed in native dress and costumes. The front line of women are carrying a…

POST-1911-03 IWSC Correspondence Stamp Stockholm.jpg
Yellow and white stamp created for the International Woman Suffrage Alliance for Suffrage and Equal Citizenship held in Stockholm, Sweden, June 12-17, 1911.
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