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Originally intended to be three volumes; volume 3 1876-1883. Includes bibliographic references and index to all v. at end of v. 3.

DOCU-1860-02-2 NWRC Proceedings title pg.jpg
This is a report of the annual woman's rights convention. Susan B. Anthony called the meeting to order and served on the finance committee. Among the speakers were Ernestine L. Rose, J. Elizabeth Jones, Rev. Beriah Green, Wendell Phillips, Elizabeth…

ALMS-1870-01 Invitation to reception for the 50th birthday of Susan B. Anthony.JPG
Invitation embossed at the top with the "W.B." of the Woman's Bureau, reads: "The Ladies of the Woman's Bureau invite you to a reception on Tuesday evening Feby. 15th to celebrate the fiftieth Birthday of Susan B. Anthony. On this occasion her…

ALMS-1870-02 p1 Rochester Chronicle article recalling the Susan B. Anthony 50th birthday reception.JPG
The article includes the full text of the poem composed by Phoebe Cary for the occasion entitled "To Miss Susan B. Anthony on her fiftieth birthday."

ALMS-1871-03 cover An Appeal by the National Woman Suffrage and Education Committee.JPG
This appeal urges women to demand equal rights and argues that women were already enfranchised with the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments.

The National Woman Suffrage and Educational Committee was created to coordinate the fight for women's…

ALMS-1873-06 Letter from Gerrit Smith to SBA.jpg
Gerrit Smith was a social reformer in support of abolition, temperance, women's rights, and ecumenism. He utilized the broadside format to espouse his views and influence public opinion, and authorized printing of more than 600 broadsides in his…

ALMS-1874-01-1 p1 Senate Report regarding SBA fine.jpg
Series: 43rd Congress, 1st Session, Report No. 472

The Committee on the Judiciary recommended that the petition be discharged and the bill postponed indefinitely due to a lack of Congressional authority on the matter.

ALMS-1881-01 pg1 Letter to unknown receipient from Women's Lyceum Bureau.JPG
Foster, in response to repeated requests from Mr. Ballard for Susan B. Anthony to speak in his town, offers to send her there in February 1881 at a reduced rate.

The attached leaflet presents the various topics on which Anthony will speak, and…
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