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DOCU-1900-02-1 80th birthday front.jpg
Public announcement from the committee appointed by the National American Woman Suffrage Association, inviting those interested to a public meeting on February 15, 1900 at the Lafayette Square Opera House.

According to the announcement, "occasion…

DOCU-1901-01 SBA handwritten note.jpg
"Perfect equality of rights for women--civil and political--is the demand of Yours Sincerely Susan B. Anthony Rochester, N.Y.
Anthony often wrote this statement in her correspondence.

PERI-1920-09a Illinois State Register.JPG
The main headline on the front page is "Suffrage Battle is Won! Tennessee Ratifies Today/ 25 Million Women Are Given Ballot" The paper features photographs of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and Susan B. Anthony.

The primary article…

PERI-1920-08a Topeka State Journal above.jpg
The main headline for this issue is "Tennessee Ratifies Suffrage Amendment/Seventeen Million Women of Country Granted Right to Vote for President in November Election by Action Today." Two different stories follow:
"Motion Made to Reconsider/ Will…

PERI-1885-01-1 The Womans Tribune March 1885 above fold .jpg
Published from 1883 to 1909 and established by Clara Bewick Colby, the Woman's Tribune was the first daily paper ever produced and edited by a woman. It was published in Beatrice, Nebraska and in Washington, D.C. until Colby moved to Portland, Oregon…

PERI-1869-1871-01 The Revolution 1869-0617.jpg
The Revolution was a weekly newspaper created by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in New York City. It was the official publication of the National Woman Suffrage Association, published from January 8, 1868 until February 17, 1872. The…

DOCU-1915-04-1 SBA Ten Pins Cover.jpg
On the front is a picture of Susan B. Anthony. Inside are ten straight pins on one side with the title "Ten Pins" and on the other side and back is a list entitled "Ten Opinions Why Women Should Vote."

This may have been distributed during the…

Miniature telescope, made of brass-like metal with a black leather sheath. Stanhopes were novelty souvenirs popular during the 19th century. The image can be seen by holding it up to the light and looking into the tiny hole.

The Lewis collection…

Silver demitasse spoon engraved with a bust of Susan B. Anthony on the handle. Anthony's name and the words "Political Equality" are inscribed just below the bust.

Silver slotted confection or bon bon spoon engraved with a bust of Susan B. Anthony on the handle. Anthony's name and the words "Political Equality" are inscribed just below the bust.

The bowl of the spoon is scalloped with a pierced pattern…
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