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MEMR-1909-03 Suffrage Coppette Pennant.png
White on orange felt pennant with illustration of a young woman dressed as a police officer, holding a rolling pin, with a small dog at her side.

The woman has her hands on her hips. She is wearing gloves and her belt is cinched around her waist…

Glass bottle with metal screw cap molded into the shape of a harridan, holding a small dog in front of her. The word "Suffragette" is embossed onto the base.

This bottle was most likely produced and/or sold in England. The bottle may have been…

DOCU-1836-01-1 Appeal to Southern Women cover.jpg
The Anti-Slavery Examiner was among several serials published by the American Anti-Slavery Society. It began publication in August 1836 and was published irregularly (at times as a pamphlet or tract) until 1845.

"Appeal to the Christian Women of…

Clipping shows two photographs with captions:
The first, "Officials of the Women's Social and Political Union at Clement's Inn" is a photograph of five women gathered around a table reviewing documents. The women are, from left to right: Flora…

This flier, published by an unidentified organization, refers to an upcoming Ohio election where presumably voters will cast ballots for or against a woman's suffrage amendment. The writer refers to a new ally of the "suffragettes," known as "General…

PERI-1913-07-6 Cartoons.jpg
Reproductions of drawings by H.W. Webster and Herbert Perry originally published in the Denver Times and the Sioux City Journal.

A Suggestion for London by H.W. Webster. The cartoon shows a woman who has just dropped her "Votes for Women" banner…

PERI-1915-03 Life Screechers May 1915.jpg
Illustration of a woman speaking to a man in a crowd of people. In the background is a woman standing on a platform with her arm raised, speaking about votes for women.

PERI-1909-05 English Leader.jpg
Photographs with captions:

"Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst, English Suffragette Leader who Arrived in New York Yesterday for a Lecture Tour of the United States"

"Mrs. Harriet Stanton Blatch, President of the Legion of Self-Supporting Women, and…

PERI-1912-26 Sir Edward Grey.jpg
News article about an argument between British suffragettes and Sir Edward Grey, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, as Grey was leaving church.

The newspaper is not identified. The year is written on the clipping

POST-1909-03 Suffrage Series No 3.jpg
Part of a twelve-card series of full-color lithographic postcards opposing woman suffrage.

This card, labeled Suffragette Series No. 3, features an illustration of woman wearing a fancy hat and heels, and a pair of overalls.
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