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DOCU-1925-01-1 De Leon Womans Suffrage Address cover.jpg
Originally published in 1909, this address was reprinted several times by the New York Labor News Company. Daniel De Leon was a leader in the Socialist Labor Party of America from 1890 until his death, and a supporter of women's suffrage.

Anti-suffrage leaflet that attempts to link the suffrage movement with pro-German, Socialist beliefs, and argues that this is a tactic used by Germany to weaken the United States.

Article, written by Senator Thomas B. Catron, in opposition to a federal suffrage amendment.

Contents include:
Failure of women to vote when given the ballot
The women's vote for president
Taxation and woman suffrage
Prohibition and woman…

"This document, accompanied by an earnest protest from American remonstrants against Woman Suffrage, was laid before the British Parliament in March, 1893."

This was an excerpt from the author's, "Appendix to 'A Woman's Philosophy of Love.'" The…
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