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POST-1912-13 No Votes Thank You.jpg
This postcard, designed by Harold Bird, was produced by the National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage. The central figure, wearing a flowing dress and flowers in her hair, politely refuses the vote. Behind her is the suffragette, leaping towards…

Compilation of three brief essays:
The first, written by Fawcett, was reprinted from "The Outlook";
The second is a response to Fawcett's article, written by C.W. Radcliffe Cooke, M.P.;
The third is Fawcett's response to Radcliffe Cooke.

In this address to Parliament, Mill argues that the the word "man" be changed to "person" in the bill they were debating, known as the Representation of the People Bill, later the Reform Bill of 1867. The motion lost by 123 votes.

The back…

Flyer provides the Women's Freedom League objective and the League officers, followed by a list of eight reasons for women's suffrage. The flyer also contains a membership appeal along the bottom.

The Women's Freedom League was founded in 1907 in…

Handbill publicizing the planned deputation in Parliament Square, by the Women's Social and Political Union, on November 22, 1910.

PERI-1910-05 Petticoat War.jpg
Account of a suffrage demonstration on Parliament in England led by Emmeline Pankhurst. 82 suffragists and supporters were arrested after bypassing a police cordon and making it to Prime Minister Asquith to demand introduction of the woman suffrage…

PERI-1910-08 Mob Asquith.jpg
Account of attack on the Prime Minister H.H. Asquith by suffragists following a session in the House of Commons where he made a campaign promise to postpone discussion of a suffrage bill until the next parliament. Rioting and violence continued…

PERI-1910-06 Fight policemen.jpg
Account of rioting by suffragists in England, where women stormed the home of Prime Minister Asquith, smashed windows in the homes of members of Parliament, and attacked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Augustine Birrell. 156 women were reportedly…

PERI-1912-10 Suffragettes gathering fiasco.jpg
News article about a suffrage demonstration held in London only a few days after 142 women were arrested for smashing shop windows in London's West End. The article discusses the demonstration and the arrest of 50 women, and also the separate raids…

PERI-1912-08 Suffragettes Sentenced.jpg
Article about suffragists Mary Leigh and Gladys Evans, sentenced to five years' penal servitude. Lizzie Baker was also charged and sentenced to seven months imprisonment. Mabel Capper, was discharged for lack of evidence.

Leigh was convicted for…
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