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In preparation for the November 3rd referendum, the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association published this flier with statistics on the number of "farm women" and "organized women" in support of suffrage, and a copy of the amendments that would appear on the…

PERI-1913-13 Works Denies Suffrage Attack.jpg
Two brief articles:

The first is an account of the House Committee on Rules session where Harriet Taylor Upton, president of the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association, appeared to refute anti-suffragist remarks.

The second mentions a heated…

PERI-1913-08 Everywoman 1913-0816.jpg
Tagline: "For Ohio women, being a resume of the activities of the women of the state"

Contents of this issue include:
The Women of Europe, by Marie Thraikill
The Ohio Children's Code
Thrust the Ballot Upon Women, by Al[f]red Hayes
Suffrage in…

PERI-1913-04 Everywoman 1913-0426.jpg
Tagline: "For Ohio women, being a resume of the activities of the women of the state"

Contents of this issue include:
Educational Views
Lagniappe by Kate M. Lacey
In the realm of music by Bertha G. Brent
Shorter Hours for Women by John…

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Tagline: A Twentieth century weekly for Ohio women being a resume of the activities of the woman of the state. "Everywoman" gives you the latest suffrage news. Create suffrage sentiment by sending the paper into some home.

This flier, published by an unidentified organization, refers to an upcoming Ohio election where presumably voters will cast ballots for or against a woman's suffrage amendment. The writer refers to a new ally of the "suffragettes," known as "General…

Notice of a woman suffrage meeting. The state where the meeting was held is not identified, but it was most likely held at the Columbia Theatre in Washington, D.C. Speakers included the Honorable John Barrett, Director General of the Pan American…

Verso: Vote for woman suffrage. Amendment No. 23

Amendment 23, the Ohio Woman's Suffrage Amendment, was on the September 3, 1912 special election ballot in Ohio, where it was defeated.

Yellow cardboard fan with black print attached to a wooden dowel reads "Woman's Ballot for the King's Business / Under the Stars and Stripes Women Vote on the Same Terms as Men in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington, California, Oregon,…

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The main headline on the front page is "Suffrage Battle is Won! Tennessee Ratifies Today/ 25 Million Women Are Given Ballot" The paper features photographs of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and Susan B. Anthony.

The primary article…
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