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ALMS-1917-01 front cover Do You Know.JPG
Blue and white pamphlet sealed with 1916 American Red Cross Christmas stamps, entitled "Do You Know?"

The pamphlet includes a list of facts detailing women's efforts to gain the right to vote throughout the country, and the reasons why women…

DOCU-1917-04 Garden Primer.jpg
Suffrage gardens were a popular technique to gather support for woman's suffrage in 1917.

This pamphlet was originally created by Mayor Mitchel's Food Supply Committee of New York City. The Albany Branch of the New York State Woman Suffrage Party…

Yellow square cardboard fan with black print attached to a wooden dowel. One side reads "Keep Cool and Raise A Breeze for Suffrage! Votes for Women, Votes for Women."

On the reverse is an illustration by Emily Chamberlain of two children dressed…

Yellow square cardboard fan with black print attached to a wooden dowel. One side reads "Keep Cool! There will be nothing to worry about after we get Votes for Women/ Election Day November 2."

On the reverse is a map of the suffrage states with…

Program and menu for the dinner held at the Onondaga in Syracuse, New York. The program includes toastmistress, Harriet May Mills, and remarks by Rev. John H. Applebee, Hon. Walter R. Stone, Mayor; Mrs. William F. Canough, President Syracuse…

Resolution created by the New York Woman Suffrage Party in support of the government and war effort, and against the National Woman's Party picketing of the White House.

In 1917, the National Woman's Party, founded by Alice Paul, targeted the…

Promotional flier for the "final suffrage mass meeting" before the upcoming election on November 6, 1917, most likely held in Albany, New York. Flora MacDonald Dennison served as President of the Candian Woman Suffrage Association and spent two years…

Blank statement of support for woman suffrage in New York State. Contains space for the name and address of the recipient, including county, assembly district, and election district.

Flier compares the United States to Canada where, several provinces extended suffrage to women. The map of the United States indicates states where women had full suffrage, presidential suffrage, primary suffrage, and no right to vote.

This leaflet quotes Wilson on five occasions endorsing suffrage for women, and encourages peopole to work for and vote for the New York Woman Suffrage Amendment on November 6, 1917.
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