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PERI-1885-01-1 The Womans Tribune March 1885 above fold .jpg
Published from 1883 to 1909 and established by Clara Bewick Colby, the Woman's Tribune was the first daily paper ever produced and edited by a woman. It was published in Beatrice, Nebraska and in Washington, D.C. until Colby moved to Portland, Oregon…

POST-1909-22 By Gum.jpg
Color illustration of a man looking at a sign that says "For ladies only", a woman seated on a bench labeled "This bench for women", and in the distance, a "Women's Hotel."

On the verso, the card is addressed to Russell Sigler Esq. Rogers,…

POST-1900-02 Omaha Speech Reprint.jpg
Postcard with the text of a speech given at a suffrage meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. The content appears to be satirical in tone.
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