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Lists reasons why working women, housekeepers, mothers, teachers, business women, tax-paying women, women of leisure, and all women need the right to vote.

This broadside was created by the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Reprints the replies to four questions Mary Bentley Thomas asked the Governors of the first four states to grant women the right to vote: Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado. The questions were: Are your women as devoted to house and home interest as…

Full color circular highlights the countries where women have the right to vote and asks the question, "Why do not all women vote under the flag of democracy?"

Alice Stone Blackwell uses real-life examples to make the case that positive progress for women has never been made when the majority of people approve, but rather when a "persistent few."

The National American Woman Suffrage Association published…

Questions and answers addressing marital rights,child custody rights, property rights, taxation, education, whether women would vote if granted the privilege, and why women want to vote.

The National American Woman Suffrage Association published a…

Caroline Bartlett Crane, journalist, educator, and Unitarian minister, argues and provides examples of ways in which business interests are given legal and political preference over the interests of the home.

The verso also contains a list of…

Portion of an article entitled "Why am I a Suffragist" from Smith's Magazine, author and suffragist Anne O'Hagan argues that men have not represented the best interests of women in making the laws, but instead "discriminated against the class which…

Alice Stone Blackwell discusses the the amount of money appropritated for education and the difference in teacher's salaries in suffrage versus non-suffrage states.

The National American Woman Suffrage Association published a series of circulars…

Originally published in 1908 in the "San Francisco Examiner", Dorothy Dix (pseudonym of American journalist Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer) addresses taxation, the differences between men and women, household budgets, morals, education, and other…

Suffragist, Susan Walker Fitzgerald argues that the United States is not a democracy because the power does not rest with the entire population. She claims that those opposed to women's suffrage are wealthier women who do not need the vote to improve…
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