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Advertisement for the Anti-Suffrage Campaign Manual, distributed by the Women's Anti-Suffrage Association of Massachusetts. Ethel Leatherbee was the Chief of the Massachusetts Anti-Suffrage Bureau of Information, which also endorsed the book.

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The concert appears to be a rally for General Benjamin Butler, a Civil War general, lawyer, and politician, during his run for Governor of Massachusetts.

The programme list includes: "the woman's suffrage plank the best in the platform. Equal…

Argues that men are primarily concerned with their interests and do not represent women's interests.

Massachusetts voters rejected the referendum in November 1915, along with New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. On June 25, 1919, Massachusetts…

Published around the time of the November 1911 elections, the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association points out the types of laws related to "woman's sphere" that men are elected to make and enforce, including child labor, schools, milk supply, and…

Reprint of a letter to the editor of The Congregationalist newspaper. The author argues that the recent bill granting women the right to vote in Illinois opened the door to the liquor interests to organize women's groups to increase support in future…

Circular published by the New England Woman Suffrage Association, containing details of the first woman suffrage bazaar to be held at Music Hall in Boston. The Circular Committee requested contributions of articles for the Bazaar be sent to the…

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Two speeches given by famed abolitionist and orator, Wendell Phillips. The first is entitled "The Lesson of the Hour." The second, entitled "Progress" was addressed to the twenty-eighth Congregational Society. In the second, Phillips discusses the…

Catharine W. Brown was a member of the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association.
The return address is: 3 Park Street, Boston.
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