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POST-1909-56 Band of the WSPU.jpg
Photographic postcard of the fife and drum marching band, founded in 1909, which often accompanied the organization's processions and demonstrations. The band was created to publicize the Women's Exhibition at the Prince's Skating Rink. WSPU member,…

POST-1905-09 Mrs Mary Leigh.jpg
Postcard with photographic portrait of Mary Leigh, National Women's Social and Political Union, with the organization's address.

Mary Leigh was a member of the Women's Social and Political Union by 1907. She and Edith New became the first…

PERI-1912-08 Suffragettes Sentenced.jpg
Article about suffragists Mary Leigh and Gladys Evans, sentenced to five years' penal servitude. Lizzie Baker was also charged and sentenced to seven months imprisonment. Mabel Capper, was discharged for lack of evidence.

Leigh was convicted for…

PERI-1910-03-1 Le Petit Journal cover 1910-0403.jpg
Le Petit Journal, or “The Little Newspaper”, was a daily newspaper published from 1863 to 1944. In 1884, the paper began to include a weekly illustrated supplement.

This issue includes, on page 112, an illustration with the caption: "A Tip from…
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