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POST-1910-24 Corgill Series for the NAWSA Abraham Lincoln.jpg
This card, Number 129, is part of a set of 30 postcards, each containing a message, or aphorism, about suffrage. The cards were created by commercial publishing company, The Cargill Company, and were "endorsed and approved by the National American…

POST-1910-27 Save my Country.jpg
Part of a series of postcards, this card is labeled Serie 2268. The color illustration shows George Washington seated on one side, speaking to a group of protesting women carrying a "Votes for Women" placard.

On the verso, the card is addressed to…

Pamphlet issued by the Woman Suffrage Campaign Committee of Bangor, Maine to campaign for the Maine Women's Suffrage Referendum, also known as Proposed Amendment No. 1, on September 10, 1917. The measure was defeated.

Uses the phrase "Have you…
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