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Official election ballot includes the proposed state constitutional amendment for woman's suffrage.

In 1917, the Maine Suffrage Amendment was defeated by a vote of 40,000 to 20,000. In 1919, Maine became the third New England state to ratify the…

PERI-1920-10a Lewiston Evening Journal above.jpg
Above the masthead of the Lewiston Evening Journal is the large headline "Ratification of Suffrage Completed." There are three articles on the front page about the passage of the federal suffrage amendment:
"Tennessee House Votes for Federal…

PERI-1853-01-1 Portland Tribune Oct 1853 above fold.pdf
The Portland Transcript was published weekly from 1849 to 1910. Its tagline was "An independent family journal of literature, news, &c."

This issue contains an article entitled "Nathaniel Hawthorne on women's rights." In his short statement (p.…
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