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Advertisement for the Liberty Bell Campaign by the Pennsylvania Woman Suffrage Association. This campaign was created to lobby for a state suffrage referendum in 1915. Suffragists commissioned a replica of the Liberty Bell, known as the "Justice…

MEMR-1915-08-2 Liberty Fob back.JPG
Brass watch fob shaped like the Liberty Bell (no attached strap). On the back are the words "Woman's Liberty Bell-Justice-Equality 1915 Pennsylvania."

This piece was created during the Pennsylvania Liberty Bell Campaign to pass a state suffrage…

Celluloid button with a picture of the Liberty Bell at the center and the words "Liberty Justice 1776-1915." Hanging from the pin are a gold ribbon with the slogan "Votes for Women" printed in black and a small American flag.

This piece was…

Silver demitasse spoon created for the National American Woman Suffrage Association's convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in November 1912. This is the only known spoon produced for a NAWSA convention.

Engraved on the handle, from the top,…

MEMR-1915-06 Votes for Women- Ink Blotter Card.jpg
Yellow ink blotter with black print features a picture of the Liberty Bell in the upper left corner and the words, "Woman Being Call Upon To Obey The Laws Should Have A Voice In Making Them."

This piece was created during the Pennsylvania Liberty…
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