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On cover: "Specially written for The nation's library."

ALMS-1884-02 p1 Henry Fawcett Speech on Suffrage.jpg
A speech given by Henry Fawcett at the last public meeting he attended where he and John Holms M.P., addressed their constituents in the Town Hall of Shoreditch. He urges the group to enfranchise "women householders."

Fawcett was a blind British…

ALMS-1891-01a The Enfranchisment of Women .jpg
McIlquham discusses Britsh women's status in municipal government and criticizes the judicial decisions that prevented women's constitutional rights. She references married women's property rights and their relationship to women's work in local…

The 48 playing cards contain a purple and white design on one side and on the reverse, feature cartoons by E.T. Reed of Punch magazine.

The game was advertised and distributed by the Women's Social and Political Union as well as private…

Miniature telescope, made of brass-like metal with a black leather sheath. Stanhopes were novelty souvenirs popular during the 19th century. The image can be seen by holding it up to the light and looking into the tiny hole.

British suffragist,…
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