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POST-1905-07 Mrs Pankhurst portrait.jpg
Photographic portrait postcard of Emmeline Pankhurst, founder of the National Women's Social and Political Union with the organization's address.

POST-1910-48 Mrs Pankhurst full length.jpg
Photographic postcard of studio portrait of Emmeline Pankhurst, formally dressed in full-length dark dress, standing, facing the camera, next to a table holding an open book (with her left hand resting on book), her right hand holding her glasses.

POST-1890-01 Sylvia Pankhurst.jpg
Photographic postcard of Sylvia Pankhurst, artist and suffragette. Pankhurst was the daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and younger sister of Christabel. She was a founder of the Women's Social and Political Union.

POST-1909-40 Miss Christabel Pankhurst portrait WSPU.jpg
Photograph portrait of Christabel Pankhurst, who together with her mother, Emmeline, was one of the founders of the Women's Social and Political Union.

POST-1909-39 Mrs Pankhurst Hon Secretary.jpg
Photograph portrait of Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928), Honorary Secretary and later, Honorary Treasurer of the Women's Social and Political Union.

Emmeline Pankhurst was a charismatic leader and eloquent speaker. By 1913 she had served three…

POST-1905-11 Suffragists attacking policeman.jpg
Postcard is labeled No. 641, and contains a colorful cartoon illustration of one woman restraining a police officer while another woman hits him with an umbrella.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mr. Inward 64 Sayer Street Elephant & Castle…

POST-1905-04 Votes for Sheep.jpg
Part of a series of postcards labeled "Valentine's Series." This satirical card contains a color illustration of a little girl, "Little Bo Peep," wearing a large hat. She is holding a shepherd's crook in one hand and a newspaper in the other. the…

POST-1912-11 The Simple Life.jpg
Part of a series of postcards created by artist Ernest Ibbetson, entitled "The Simple Life." This card refers to suffrage caravans that took place beginning around 1908, when suffragists would travel across the countryside to lobby for the right to…
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