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POST-1907-13 Is this right.jpg
Pro-suffrage postcard of a man, "Voter," and a woman standing in the rain at "the open market." The man is holding an umbrella labeled "Franchise." The woman has no umbrella and is carrying a large basket on her back.

Matted, hand colored lithograph.

This cartoon, originally published in Punch Magazine in 1905, depicts a well-dressed woman being addressed by a man, a 'qualified voter', who points out that while she may pay taxes and have responsibilities, she…

ALMS-1884-02 p1 Henry Fawcett Speech on Suffrage.jpg
A speech given by Henry Fawcett at the last public meeting he attended where he and John Holms M.P., addressed their constituents in the Town Hall of Shoreditch. He urges the group to enfranchise "women householders."

Fawcett was a blind British…
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