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Pinback with colorful illustration of a herald holding a trumpet in one hand and, in the other, a banner with the word "Forward." Along the bottom is the name "Denver."

White backpaper contains the name of the manufacturer and the distributor.

Reprint of a letter to the editor of the magazine, The Outlook, written by Charlotte M. Vaile in which she supports a recent article written by Priscilla Leonard on "Woman's Suffrage in Colorado." Vaile believes the majority of women in Colorado do…

Series : Political Equality Series; v. 3, no. 8

Reprint of an interview by the editor of the Woman's Journal with General Irving Hale of Denver, Colorado. The editor asked questions such as:
Do you find that equal suffrage leads women to neglect…

PERI-1912-28 Colorado Suffrage.jpg
News article about plans by the Why Club of Denver, Colorado to lobby for a woman Cabinet member for President-elect Woodrow Wilson.

The newspaper is not identified. The year is written on the clipping.
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