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In preparation for the November 3rd referendum, the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association published this flier with statistics on the number of "farm women" and "organized women" in support of suffrage, and a copy of the amendments that would appear on the…

Encourages men to vote for a congressman who favors the federal suffrage amendment. Demands votes for women through the same process as "Indians" and "Negroes."

Red on white on blue pinback button with white stars surrounding the number "36."

Thirty-six was the number of states needed to ratify the 19th amendment to grant women the right to vote. In 1920, Tennessee became the 36th and final state needed…

ALMS-1893-01 Senate Report No1143 on Woman Suffrage p1.jpg
Series: Report / Senate ; no. 1143 and views of the minority

This is an accounting of the hearing given by the Senate Select Committee on Woman Suffrage in response to a petition by the National Woman Suffrage Association of Massachusetts and…
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