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POST-1909-25 At last Wifey.jpg
Cartoon illustration of a short man standing in a barrel in shock as a woman walks by. She is wearing pants and a large hat, carrying a golf club, and smoking.

POST-1910-42-2 Womens Rights Window.jpg
Photographic postcard of two women, both wearing dresses and hats, with one leg up on a ledge.


POST-1909-23 Those in Favour.jpg
At a meeting, a mannish looking suffragette in a "Votes for Women" sash, raises the arm of a man next to her.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Miss Millie Paddock Pawlet, Utah R.F.D., and postmarked July 12, [?]. The message reads: "Dear…

POST-1909-27 Votes for Skirts.jpg
Labeled Series No. 767, this card contains a color illustration of a mannish woman holding a "Votes for Skirts" placard with a smaller placard that states "Help."

POST-1908-01 Stand Up.jpg
Illustration of a well-dressed and curvaceous woman standing in a train or streetcar, next to a large man seated with his hands in his pockets.

POST-1909-16 The Suffragette Series Mix.jpg
This card, Number 4008, is part of a sixteen-card series, featuring attractive women attempting to act as men. In this illustration, two women in gowns are fighting.

POST-1914-03 Valentine Greetings-Background.jpg
Valentine's Day card featuring an illustration of a woman, holding a book up in one hand, and her fist out to her side in front of an empty pair of pants with a heart tucked inside. Under the pants it reads, "Back to the Background".

On the verso,…

POST-1914-07 Im a Suffragette Valentine Heart.jpg
Embossed Valentine's Day card. On the front is a colorful illustration of a young girl, wearing a hat and dress, holding a ballot.

Written on the back: To Helen Hoagland / From R.I.R.

POST-1914-05 Im a Suffragette Valentine.jpg
Valentine's Day card with illustration of a young girl, wearing a hat and dress, holding a ballot.

This card is addressed to Mrs. M.F. Rogers in Wellington, Ohio, and postmarked February 9, 1914. The handwritten message reads: "Dear Grandma- There…
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