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POST-1910-29 Holding His Own.jpg
Part of a series of postcards, this card is labeled Series 512. The color illustration shows a man seated on a stool, smoking a pipe with a baby on his knee and two children playing on the floor. There is a book on the floor entitled "How to take…

POST-1910-37 Suffragette Madonna.jpg
Color illustration of a man caring for a child.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Miss Alta Fosmaugh New Weston Ohio Route 1. The message reads: "From your sister Iva."

POST-1910-41 Suffrage Victory.jpg
Color illustration of a woman walking out of the door, leaving her husband to take care of their child. The sign on the wall reads: "God bless our home."

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mrs. Fred [Ziveifel?] Hollenberg, Kansas, and…

POST-1908-05 Taking it out.jpg
Color illustration of a woman holding an umbrella, leaning over to her husband and knocking over a lamp to yell at him: "I tell you we will have votes you big massive brute." Her husband hides behind a newspaper entitled "The Woman At Home", and…

POST-1916-01 Oh Where Wandering Wife.jpg
Part of a series of cards, this card contains an illustration of a man wearing a bathrobe and holding two babies in his arms. Inset to the upper right is a woman addressing a crowd of people, with the words "Why should not women run the government?"
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