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PERI-1912-02-1 New York Tribune 1912-0512 above fold.JPG
This issue of the New York Tribune contains the article, "Kate Carew Fell into Line and Marched--Oh, Miles--Seeking a Vote." The author and illustrator comedically discusses her experience being a part of the woman's suffrage parade held in New York…

PERI-1912.04 Puck Don't cross line.jpg
Cartoon and satirical article published in Puck magazine, a weekly humor magazine first published in 1871 until 1918. This page was removed from the original issue.

The illustration shows a woman standing in the middle of a box with a dotted line,…

Illustration of an older woman, holding a "Votes for Women" placard in one hand and an axe in the other hand, speaking to a police officer.

POST-1910-50 To my Valentine Holloway.jpg
Postcard shows a police officer holding an angry suffragist who is carrying a "Votes for women" flag.

The poem refers to Holloway Prison in London, where many suffragists were imprisoned.

POST-1909-57 Suffragette goes to glory.jpg
Postcard is part of a six-card series entitled "The Suffragette. This card shows an ugly buck-toothed suffragists sticking her head through the bars of the carriage taking her to jail. She is holding a "Votes for women" flag upside-down.

On the…
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