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Gold on white pinback button with six stars surrounding the slogan "Votes for Women." This pin was produced by the National American Woman Suffrage Association in 1911 when California was expected to become the sixth suffrage state.


Ellen McHenry was an author and a life member of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

The Trend was a monthly periodical published by The Trend Magazine Publishing Company. It was intended to appeal to the general reader, and included…

PERI-1920-04a The Los Angeles Times above.jpg
This issue contains the article: "Suffrage is in Danger / House in Tennessee postpones action/ North Carolina Senators Decide to Set the Matter Over Until 1921 / Supporters are Blaming the 'Weak-Kneed' Members for this Result."

The article refers…

PERI-1911-05 Jury of Women.jpg
Photograph with caption:
"Photograph of women who tried and acquitted editor accused of violating law in his publication. The Court allowed the jurywomen to wear their hats."

The newspaper is not identifed and the date is written on the…

PERI-1912-18 Democrats Seek Votes.jpg
Brief article about efforts to gain women voters for Woodrow Wilson's presidential campaign in the six woman suffrage states: California, Wyoming, Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho.

The newspaper is not identified. The year is written on the…

POST-1909-35 Votes for Women small cards.jpg
Set of seven cards with accompanying envelopes. Each white card contains a 4-verse poem about militant suffrage. The poems are anti-suffrage The white envelopes each contain an illustration of a yellow and black "Votes for Women" flag in the upper…
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