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Black, pink, and white enamel disk with the name of the organization, the National League Opposing Woman Suffrage, and in the center, a plant with the Scottish thistle, an English rose, and an Irish shamrock. The disk is a pendant connected to a…

Gold fabric-covered button with attached gold ribbon, both with black printed text.

The pin reads: "Under the 19th amendment I cast my first vote Nov. 2nd, 1920."

The ribbon reads: "Harding Coolidge the straight Republican ticket Lancaster,…

Celluloid button picturing the Maryland flag at the center with the word "Maryland" along the bottom. Hanging from the button is a gold ribbon with the slogan "Votes for Women" printed in black.

Pink paper rose with green stem and a picture of the candidate, Horace E. Kennedy, in the center. The rose is attached to a yellow ribbon with black printed text: "I cast my first vote at a municipal election in the red rose city for Kennedy and the…

Delegate's pin and ribbon comprised of round silver pin, engraved with text: "Iowa Equal Suffrage Association 41st convention Des Moines Oct. 8-9-10-1912."

Attached, hangs a gold satin ribbon tied in a bow; two pieces hang down with printed…

Celluloid button with a picture of the Liberty Bell at the center and the words "Liberty Justice 1776-1915." Hanging from the pin are a gold ribbon with the slogan "Votes for Women" printed in black and a small American flag.

This piece was…

Delegate's button and ribbon comprised of round white button with gold border and printed text: "N.J.S.F.W.C. DELEGATE Newark May 16-18, 1918."

Below, hangs a gold satin ribbon with printed black text: "Votes for Women"

Red, white, and blue American flag in enamel on bronze pin. The flag has only nine stars.

There is no manufacturer information on the pin.

Enamel on brass pin in the shape of a flag on its pole, containing the slogan "Votes for Women."

Purple, white, and green enamel on brass, containing the slogan ""Votes for Women"" inscribed in black.

There is no manufacturer information on the pin.
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