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DOCU-1861-01-1 Disunion .jpg
Two speeches given by famed abolitionist and orator, Wendell Phillips. The first is entitled "The Lesson of the Hour." The second, entitled "Progress" was addressed to the twenty-eighth Congregational Society. In the second, Phillips discusses the…

ALMS-1873-03a-1 Woman Suffrage Essential to the True Republic by Sen Geo F Hoar.JPG
An address delivered by Senator George F. Hoar at the Annual Meeting of the New England Woman Suffrage Association in Boston on May 27, 1873.

Hoar examines the idea of what makes a cohesive "Republic" and argues that the participation and…

ALMS-1873-04a cover Woman Suffrage Essential to the True Republic by Sen Geo F Hoar.JPG
Series: Woman Suffrage Tracts No. 8
Hoar examines the idea of what makes a cohesive "Republic" and argues that the participation and influence of women is necessary for the church, state and community to be successful and happy.

The address was…

ALMS-1884-03 Letter to Unknown Receipient from Office Massachussetts Suffrage Association.JPG
The handwritten letter references an enclosed petition and leaflets for municipal woman suffrage and urges the recipient to obtain as many names as possible by January 1, 1885. The letter also discusses the rising anti-suffrage movement in Boston.

PERI-1871-01 The Womans Journal June 3 1871 above the fold.jpg
In 1870, Lucy Stone and her husband, Henry Browne Blackwell, founded The Woman’s Journal, a weekly newspaper. Their daughter, Alice Stone Blackwell began work as an editor in 1883 and became the sole editor until 1917. At its founding, the Woman's…

PERI-1920-12a Boston Herald above.jpg
The large headline on the front page of the Boston Herald is "North Carolina puts suffrage over a year; Tennessee Acts Today."

"Enemies Force Adjournment at Nashville/ Claim Vote of 53 to 44 on Motion Shows Stand on Ratification/ Raleigh…

Six pie charts demonstrate the percentage of non-natives who comprise the male populations of Berlin, Paris, and London and in the United States (males of voting age) of New York, Boston and Chicago.

The flier includes statements on suffrage by…

Postcard to the Massachusetts Anti-Suffrage Committee for sender to voice opposition the proposed amendment granting women the right to vote.

The measure failed to pass in 1915. On June 25, 1919, Massachusetts became the eighth state to ratify the…

Reprint of an address by James Curley, mayor of Boston from 1914-1919, at Mechanics Hall. Curley argues that most reform laws, including improved labor laws, extension of the school age, public health laws, and employee pension were all met with…

PERI-1915-01 The Remonstrance 1915-07.jpg
The Remonstrance was the offical organ of the anti-suffrage movement in Massachusetts. The idea of "remonstrances" was first developed by the Massachusetts Association Opposed to the Further Extension of Suffrage to Women (later the Women's…
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