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ALMS-1870-04 p1 Memorial of CE McKay.jpg
Series: Mis. doc. (United States. Congress. House), 41st Congress, 2nd session, no. 48.

Charlotte McKay, a Civil War nurse, addresses several reasons against granting the right to vote to women, chief among them that it would put the safety of the…

ALMS-1884-01 p1 Woman Suffrage Letter to MA Legislature.jpg
The letter from Mrs. Leonard was read by Thornton K. Lothrop, Esq. at the hearing before the Legislative Committee on Woman Suffrage. Clara Leonard was well known in her community as an opponent to woman's suffrage and was asked to write a letter to…

ALMS-1884-03 Letter to Unknown Receipient from Office Massachussetts Suffrage Association.JPG
The handwritten letter references an enclosed petition and leaflets for municipal woman suffrage and urges the recipient to obtain as many names as possible by January 1, 1885. The letter also discusses the rising anti-suffrage movement in Boston.

ALMS-1910-01 Ten Little Suffergets.JPG
The Potsville, Pennsylvania branch of the Pomeroy's Department Store published this anti-suffrage booklet that tells the story of ten little girls holding up various suffrage banners and one by one they are diverted from their task, leaving none.…

ALMS-1915-01 front The Case Against Woman Sufrage.JPG
The pamphlet, addressed "to the men of Massachusetts" provides detailed arguments against woman suffrage. Sections include: "The vote not a natural right" "A privilege with a heavy obligation" "The net result of woman suffrage a loss to women and to…

MEMR-1909-03 Suffrage Coppette Pennant.png
White on orange felt pennant with illustration of a young woman dressed as a police officer, holding a rolling pin, with a small dog at her side.

The woman has her hands on her hips. She is wearing gloves and her belt is cinched around her waist…
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