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Language proposed by the Equal Suffrage League of Baltimore to give the right to vote to every Baltimore resident, male or female, over the age of 21, provided that they:
"possess any one of the following qualifications, to wit: (a) If such person…

Asks questions about who serves as a substitute for a woman when she commits a crime and argues that men only want to represent women at the ballot box.

The South Dakota Universal Franchise League was organized in 1911 by Mary Shields ("Mamie")…

Text of the resolution presented by Anna Parker Pruyn, President of the Albany Anti-Suffrage Association. Speaking on behalf of a group of women from New York, she argues against the "proposal to strike out the word 'male' in the constitutional…

Leaflet issued by the New York State Woman Suffrage Party, argues that woman suffrage will benefit the state because women voters will increase the native-born vote, the proportion of educated voters, the law-abiding vote, and the powers of good.

Conveys a sense of urgency to granting the woman suffrage amendment in New York.

Reprints the amendments that were on the ballot in New York for the election held on November 6, 1917 and urges voters to vote for woman suffrage.

Contains twelve reasons why women should have the right to vote. This broadside was reprinted and distributed by many state organizations to lobby for state suffrage amendments.

Series: House of Representatives, 64th Congress, 2d Session, Report 1216, Parts 1 and 2.

The first, submitted by the Committee on the Judiciary on December 15, 1916, contains no recommendation on the woman suffrage amendment.

The second,…

Reprints the pro-suffrage platform adopted by each of Pennsylvania's state political parties, including Democratic, Prohibition, Republican, Socialist, and Washington.

Pennsylvania voters rejected the 1915 referendum to grant women of the state…
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