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Gold ribbon with large black type, and the slogan"Votes for women."

White plate and saucer with gold rim and gold trim, inscribed in gold print on both pieces: "Votes for Women."

This set was sold by the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Delegate's button and ribbon comprised of round white button with gold border and printed text: "N.J.S.F.W.C. DELEGATE Newark May 16-18, 1918."

Below, hangs a gold satin ribbon with printed black text: "Votes for Women"

Enamel on brass pin in the shape of a flag on its pole, containing the slogan "Votes for Women."

Red, white and blue button in the shape of the U.S. shield. Along the top, the button is blue with 13 stars, and along the bottom half, are red and white vertical stripes and "Votes for Women" printed in black text. The stars may represent the…
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