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ALMS-1836-02-1 Evils of Slavery cover.jpg
Lyda Maria Child was a journalist, editor scholar, and one of the most well-known novelists of the nineteenth century. After she began writing for the anti-slavery movement in 1831, her radical views resulted in a decrease in her popularity. From…

ALMS-1837-01 Appeal to Women in Free States p1.jpg
Representing the convention, Angelina Grimke presents a call to action for women to battle against the injustices of slavery.

ALMS-1839-01 MA House Petition cover.jpg
Series: House document (Massachusetts. General Court. House of Representatives. Committee on the Judiciary), 28.

ALMS-1844-01a The 11th Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Fair.JPG
Circular letter and public appeal regarding the abolition of slavery.
The letter was signed by thirty female organizers, including the wives of Phillips, Garrison and other prominent abolitionists. The fair was to be held at Amory Hall in Boston…

ALMS-1849-01 New Books at Anti-Slavery Depository NY.jpg
May have been distributed by the New York State Vigilance Committee, created to protect runaway slaves who were being threatened by slavecatchers operating in the New York City area.

ALMS-1851-01 WRC in Worcester.jpg
This pamphlet includes addresses by Paulina Wright Davis, Abby Price, and Harriet K. Hunt.
"Of the many points now under discussion and demanding a just settlement, the general question of Woman's Rights and Relations comprehends these:--Her…
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