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ALMS-1855-02 How Can I Help to Abolish Slavery p1.jpg
Series : Anti-Slavery Tracts, No. 14

A plea for membership in the American Anti-Slavery Society, and for support for its work.

The Anti-slavery tracts, numbered 1-20, were published by the American Anti-Slavery Society in 1855 and 1856.

Inscribed with author's presentation slip: "To Miss Edna Farr compliments of Thomas Holmes"

The Rev. Thomas Holmes, D.D. was a pastor and educator, who became the president of Union Christian College in Merom, Indiana from 1865 until 1875. The…

Mary Caswell was the president of the Southern California Assn. Opposed to Women's Suffrage. In this address, Caswell outlines in detail the reasons for opposing woman suffrage. Sections include:
Misleading Statements
Women in Public…

ALMS-1854-01-1 NY Legi address cover.jpg
Speech delivered by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, discussing the legal position of women in American society. She argues for women's right to vote; married women's property rights; for the for the right of women to serve as jurors; for fair inheritance and…

Reprinted address delivered by Carrie Chapman Catt, President of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance, at the Congress in Amsterdam, June 15, 1908

Ticket for admission to a speech given by Tennessee Claflin under the auspices of the Society for the Betterment of the Race, at Carnegie Hall in New York. Claflin was the only speaker at the event, where she spoke about women's…

ALMS-1890-01 Ticket to Susan B Anthony Birthday Banquet.jpg
The banquet was held at the Riggs House in Washington, D.C. The tickets were sold for $4.00 each and over 200 people attended. The ticket is issued to Mrs. F. J. RockwellIn The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony, Volume 2 by Ida Husted Harper, the…

Ticket for admission to dinner held in honor of suffragist, Mary Garrett Hay, on April 6, 1916 at 7:15 at the Hotel Majestic, Central Park. The ticket indicates that the owner was seated at Table 86 and the tickets were sold for $1 each.


Advertisement for the Anti-Suffrage Campaign Manual, distributed by the Women's Anti-Suffrage Association of Massachusetts. Ethel Leatherbee was the Chief of the Massachusetts Anti-Suffrage Bureau of Information, which also endorsed the book.

ALMS-1882-01-1 Bigelow Garden Concert Program.jpg
The concert appears to be a rally for General Benjamin Butler, a Civil War general, lawyer, and politician, during his run for Governor of Massachusetts.

The programme list includes: "the woman's suffrage plank the best in the platform. Equal…
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