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Opinions and quotes opposed to woman suffrage by philosopher, Herbert Spencer, Bishop John Heyl Vincent, the co-founder of the Chautauqua Institution; and Quaker and statesman, John Bright.

James T. Gardiner, surveyor and engineer, provides his observations regarding the negative impact of women's suffrage in Leavenworth, Kansas. Kansas women were granted the right to vote in school district elections in 1861 and municipal elections in…

Small white card with blue print containing the statement urging support for the suffrage amendment.

The Empire State Campaign Committee was a coalition of organizations, including the Women's Suffrage Party, the Women's Suffrage Association, the…

Anti-suffrage and anti-socialist pamphlet arguing that suffrage and socialism are intricately linked and the movement is a threat to the sanctity of marriage. The author argues, "We are indeed threatened by a red peril in a yellow cloak."

Postcard to the Massachusetts Anti-Suffrage Committee for sender to voice opposition the proposed amendment granting women the right to vote.

The measure failed to pass in 1915. On June 25, 1919, Massachusetts became the eighth state to ratify the…

Color flier speaks directly to the men of Massachusetts and argues that Massachusetts women should have the same right to vote for President as the women in the twelve states that granted women suffrage. Small map along the top indicates the states…

Series of fliers urging voters to grant women the vote in Michigan in the upcoming election. The fliers compares the amount of time women spend out of the house working to the amount of time she would spend on politics and argues for suffrage as a…

Flier addresses working women and encourages them to unite for votes for women to ensure better working and living conditions. The title may be a reference to author Rheta Childe Dorr's, "What 8,000,000 Women Want."

Leaflet provides instructions for election district captains in advance of the 1917 election in New York. It was most likely issued by the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Promotional flier for the "final suffrage mass meeting" before the upcoming election on November 6, 1917, most likely held in Albany, New York. Flora MacDonald Dennison served as President of the Candian Woman Suffrage Association and spent two years…
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