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PERI-1910-02 Wilkes Barre Times Leader 1910-0427.jpg
Front page of the newspaper contains a debate on woman's suffrage with the affirmative written by Alva Belmont, President of the Political Equality Association, and the negative written by Mrs. Gilbert E. Jones, Chairman of the National League for…

DOCU-1896-02 Do you as a woman want to vote.JPG
Published in the Ladies' Home Journal in 1911, this survey of prominent women of the time indicates that the women interviewed were largely opposed to woman suffrage. The magazine was on record in opposition to women's right to vote.
Women quoted…

PERI-1913-01 Suffragette 1913-0613.jpg
Tagline: "The official organ of the Women's Social and Political Union"

PERI-1913-03 Literary Digest 1913-0628.jpg
Related articles include: "The Suffrage Conquest of Illinois"

PERI-1913-02 Literary Digest 1913-0104.jpg
Related articles include: "Ruin of the English Suffragette Movement" on page 9-10; pages 1-56 listed in book

PERI-1911-03 THE FRA Jan 1911.jpg
Subtitle: Not for mummies / A journal of affirmation / The Woman's Number

PERI-1894-02 The Illustrated American 1894-0728.jpg
Relevant articles: "Prominent women of our cities" X.-Cincinnati, O. (photo spread) and "The Ways of Women" by Harry-dele Hallmark; and "Shall women be granted full suffrage?--page 124-125

PERI-1914-01-1 Everywoman 1914-0806 above fold.jpg
Tagline: A Twentieth century weekly for Ohio women being a resume of the activities of the woman of the state. "Everywoman" gives you the latest suffrage news. Create suffrage sentiment by sending the paper into some home.
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