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PERI-1911-02 New Citizen Holiday 1911-1912.jpg
Holiday Number, 1911-1912
Tagline: "The magazine that won equal suffrage in Washington"

Missouri Hanna was the founder and editor of the Edmonds Review in 1904. She is considered the first woman newspaper publisher in Washington. After selling…

Rheta Childe Dorr was an author, journalist, newspaper editor, and suffragist. She worked for the New York Evening Post, wrote articles for the Broadway Magazine, and was the first editor of the National Woman's Party publication, The Suffragist. She…

PERI-1920-04a The Los Angeles Times above.jpg
This issue contains the article: "Suffrage is in Danger / House in Tennessee postpones action/ North Carolina Senators Decide to Set the Matter Over Until 1921 / Supporters are Blaming the 'Weak-Kneed' Members for this Result."

The article refers…

PERI-1913-03 Literary Digest 1913-0628.jpg
Related articles include: "The Suffrage Conquest of Illinois"

PERI-1913-02 Literary Digest 1913-0104.jpg
Related articles include: "Ruin of the English Suffragette Movement" on page 9-10; pages 1-56 listed in book

PERI-1865-01b The Liberator 1865-1229 below.jpg
The Liberator (1831-1865) was an abolitionist newspaper founded by William Lloyd Garrison and Isaac Knapp. The newspaper called for the "Immediate and complete emancipation of all slaves." The Liberator also advocated for women's rights by printing…

PERI-1862-02 London Views.JPG
Illustration from page 564 of the Illustrated London News, entitled "The cotton famine-group of mill operatives at Manchester."

Group of people, each with a different label along the bottom, including knocker-up, reeler, hot-water woman, hand-mule…

PERI-1894-02 The Illustrated American 1894-0728.jpg
Relevant articles: "Prominent women of our cities" X.-Cincinnati, O. (photo spread) and "The Ways of Women" by Harry-dele Hallmark; and "Shall women be granted full suffrage?--page 124-125

PERI-1884-01 Harvard Lampoon Womans Rights Party 1884-1017.JPG
Issue of The Harvard Lampoon featuring a cartoon reprinted from the XXXX, entitled, "The Woman's Rights Party will make great efforts to bring out their vote on Nov. 4th." The cartoon shows a group of men and women standing in line to vote. The…

PERI-1911-03 THE FRA Jan 1911.jpg
Subtitle: Not for mummies / A journal of affirmation / The Woman's Number
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