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PERI-1921-1927-01 The Woman Patriot 1921-0226.jpg
The Woman Patriot was the bimonthly newspaper of the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage (NAOWS), published from 1918 until 1932. The publication was created from the combination of two anti-Suffrage journals: Woman’s Protest and Anti…

PERI-1917-1927-01 The Woman Citizen 1917-1006.jpg
In 1870, Lucy Stone and her husband, Henry Browne Blackwell, founded The Woman’s Journal, a weekly newspaper. Their daughter, Alice Stone Blackwell began work as an editor in 1883 and became the sole editor until 1917. At its founding, the Woman's…

PERI-1911-01-1 front The Vote The Organ of the Womens Freedom League June 3 1911.jpg
The Vote was an English publication printed from 1909 until 1933.

This issue contains articles including:
"Why we want the vote: the woman journalist" by E.M. Tait; "The Hour and the Bill" by M. Slieve McGowan; "A Suffragette in the Shops" and…

PERI-1920-08a Topeka State Journal above.jpg
The main headline for this issue is "Tennessee Ratifies Suffrage Amendment/Seventeen Million Women of Country Granted Right to Vote for President in November Election by Action Today." Two different stories follow:
"Motion Made to Reconsider/ Will…

PERI-1920-07a The Sun and New York Herald above.jpg
This issue includes the articles:
"Suffs Set back in Two States/ North Carolina Senate Votes to Defer Matter until Session of 1921/ Tennessee is Wavering/Adjournment of Lower House Prevents Final Action and Antis Claim Victory"

This article…

PERI-1917-1920-01a The Suffragist New York Pickets at the White House 1917-0113.jpg
The Suffragist was the official newspaper of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage, later the National Woman's Party, from 1913 until 1921.Created to generate financial and public support for the federal suffrage amendment, the newspaper…

PERI-1913-01 Suffragette 1913-0613.jpg
Tagline: "The official organ of the Women's Social and Political Union"

PERI-1869-1871-01 The Revolution 1869-0617.jpg
The Revolution was a weekly newspaper created by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in New York City. It was the official publication of the National Woman Suffrage Association, published from January 8, 1868 until February 17, 1872. The…

PERI-1915-01 The Remonstrance 1915-07.jpg
The Remonstrance was the offical organ of the anti-suffrage movement in Massachusetts. The idea of "remonstrances" was first developed by the Massachusetts Association Opposed to the Further Extension of Suffrage to Women (later the Women's…

PERI-1909-03 The Remonstrance 1909-01.jpg
The Remonstrance was the official organ of the anti-suffrage movement in Massachusetts. It was published annually until 1908, when it was published quarterly. In 1914, the title was changed to "The Remonstrance Against Woman Suffrage."

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