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PERI-1915-02 Harpers Weekly 1915-0814.jpg
The cover illustration by Walter J. Enright, is entitled "The Condescending Man." Among the articles in this issue is "The Condescending Man and the Obstructive Woman" by Ralph Barton Perry.

Harper's Weekly was an American illustrated political…

PERI-1947-01-1 Life Womans Dilema 1947-0616 cover.jpg
This issue features a photographic essay and series of stories by Frances Levison and photographer Nina Leen, entitled "The American Woman's Dilemma." Stories focus on the unhappiness of housewives and whether full-time working women can/should…

PERI-1862-02 London Views.JPG
Illustration from page 564 of the Illustrated London News, entitled "The cotton famine-group of mill operatives at Manchester."

Group of people, each with a different label along the bottom, including knocker-up, reeler, hot-water woman, hand-mule…

PERI-1911-04 Harpers Weekly Marching On 1911-0520.JPG
Cover photograph of Harper's Weekly magazine, featuring a photograph of the 1911 suffrage parade, in New York City, with the caption:

"Marching on to suffrage
Three thousand women, headed by pipers, marched down Fifth Avenue, New York, from…

PERI-1919-01 Suffs Battle Police.jpg
Article about demonstration by the National Woman's Party outside of the New York Metropolitan Opera House where President Woodrow Wilson was speaking. Suffragists were attacked by police, soldiers, and onlookers; six women were arrested and later…

PERI-1916-04 Women who Lead.jpg
Photograph of the Board of the Michigan Equal Suffrage Association :

Mrs. Orton H. Clark, Kalamazoo, President
Dr. Blanche M. Haines, Three Rivers, First Vice President
Miss Harriet Comstock, Alpena, Third Vice President
Mrs. John C. Brander,…

PERI-1916-02 Ferris Favors.jpg
Article prints a statement made by Governor Woodbridge Ferris, of Michigan, in answer to the question: "What will woman do when she has the right to vote?"

PERI-1913-24-1 Pinchot Talks .jpg
News article about a meeting of the Bull Moose party held at the National Guard armory in Bay City, Michigan. Massachusetts suffragist and Progressive Party organizer, Alice Carpenter, addressed the issue of woman's suffrage during the meeting.

PERI-1913-23-1 Honest Count.jpg
Account of a speech given by Dr. Anna Howard Shaw of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, held at the National Guard armory in Bay City, Michigan.

PERI-1915-05 Anna H Shaw Announcement.jpg
Brief article about an upcoming speech by Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, to be held at the National Guard armory. The article includes a photograph of Shaw.
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