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Postcard notice of a public meeting with some political candidates to discuss the woman suffrage amendment.
Speakers included:
Otis Emerson Dunham, President, Hughes Club; Sylvester McBride, Socialist candidate for Lieutenant-Governor of…

In 1907, Charles Evans Hughes, Governor of New York, vetoed a bill to provide equal pay to men and women holding the same position. This card comments on Hughes' veto of the equal pay bill and a teacher's retirement pension bill for the public…

Membership application for the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association. Asks applicant to indicate the types of work they wish to do for suffrage and whether or not they subscribe to the Woman's Journal.

Published by the French Union for Woman Suffrage, this is an illustration of women in line to cast their ballots at a polling station. The woman at the front is inserting her ballot into the box. Behind her is a woman holding a baby, followed by…

POST-1913-19 The Suffragette Banner Series.JPG
Postcard with a Valentine's Day theme, also known as a "penny dreadful," created to ridicule the suffrage movement

Woman wearing a sash with the word "Suffragette" and holding up a "Suffragette" pennant with one hand while she firmly squashes with…

POST-1905-02 Wedded to the cause.JPG
Illustration of a boy proposing to a girl, wearing a "Votes for Women" ribbon and pointing to the banner she is holding with the slogan, "Give us the vote."

POST.1915.06 Suffrage First.jpg
Pro-suffrage postcard, circulated by the National American Woman Suffrage Association. The illustration features a young boy, holding flowers, leaning in for a kiss from the girl who holds up her hand to stop him, proclaiming, "Suffrage First!"

POST-1910-22 Think it Over Series Equal Suffrage.JPG
One of thirty suffrage aphorism postcards distributed by the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Each of these had a number--verify number in framed object>

POST-1915-10 Spirit of 76.JPG
Lower right text: "After the painting by Willard." Archibald McNeal Willard (1836-1918) painted the original "Spirit of '76" around 1875.

This pro-suffrage postcard features a recreation of Willard's painting with babies playing the fife and…

POST-1909-01 Suffrage Series No 1.jpg
Part of a twelve-card series of full-color lithographic cartoon postcards opposing woman suffrage.

This card, labeled Suffragette Series No. 1, portrays a man feeding a child.
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